Hang corner

First of all, is not a drum.

Is a hang.

In short, what to do in order to hang:

1) Listen to Leornardo Trincabelli

2) Listen to Manu Delago

3) Listen to Ravid Goldschmidt

4) Listen to Davide Swarup

5) Listen to Jeff Hijlkema

Now, have a break.

After that, checkout Panart, Halo, Bells and Spb.

Now, hang around handpan.org.

Have you lost your girlfriend yet?

 In primul rand, nu-i un hang drum, numa’ hang.

Amu’, iaca ce ai matale de intamplat:

1) Asculta Leornardo Trincabelli

2) Asculta Manu Delago

3) Asculta Ravid Goldschmidt

4) Asculta Davide Swarup

5) Asculta Jeff Hijlkema

Ia o pauza.

Vara un ochi la Panart, Halo, Bells and Spb.

Pierde-ti noptile pe handpan.org.

Mai ai iubita?


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