March 31

Earth hour 2012

Earth hour 2012

Today we could do something special.
Power down your studio monitors, unplug your tube guitar combo, shut down your computer, take a candle and get out.

Yes, out, as in OUTSIDE.
You are allowed to have the video camera or your portable sound recorder with you.
Do whatever you feel like, but studio off.

Have a nice Earth hour day,
NoiseOra Pamantului 2012

 Azi de la 20:30 am o treaba cu tine: opreste monitoarele, omoara interfata, taie gazul si iesi afara.
Vezi ca ai concerte in oras.
Sau poti sparge seminte la scara.


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March 14

Dynamic Range Day 2012

Well, two days left for the International Dynamic Range Day 2012.

If you have no idea about, rush on Is a contest there also.
If you want to be part of it, join the events all over the Planet via meetup services.

Go go, stop the war !Cum s-ar zice, mai inshetutz, ca’i mai dragutz.

Vezi aici  despre ce e vorba. Daca ai stil, poate castigi si un mare premiu (stiu ca partea asta are sa iti placa mult).

Daca vrei sa iei parte la marea bauta, baga mare, ca’ nu doare.

Liniste frate, ca-i mai buna decat toate.

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January 4

About Customer support

After few experiences with different audio equipment manufacturers, I’ve decided to share some.

One would expect large well known companies offering high quality support, when cheappo companies offering… cheappo customer services.

Well, at least in my experience, things are quite vice versa.

Steinberg – nepoliticosi, suportul local nici macar nu a vazut vreodata produsele pentru care ar trebui sa ofere suport.

Mackie – suportul este “oficial” inexistent, iar daca primesti un raspuns, e in bataie de joc.

Behringer – surprinzator, au o aplicatie de suport adevarata, ofera suport international, primesti raspuns politicos in maxim 12 ore.

Pentru detalii, vezi varianta in engleza, sa mor io’ daca ma asteptam la asa ceva.
Astia de la Behringer is praf, au cele mai proaste scule, ce nu pricep e de ce nu isi trag si ei un suport prost ca ceilalti, poate asa or sa faca scule mai bune :-))

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December 5

About “online reviews” or how to read, hear and believe

“Don’t trust what you read. Hear for yourself.
Don’t trust what you hear. See for yourself.”

The other day I was digging the net for some reviews about Behringer ADA 8000 converter. One of the first that came out from your favorite search engine, was this.

Mr. Joe Shambro appeared as a man with reasonable common sense and trusty.  At the end of the review he was kind enough to prove his opinion by posting audio samples.

Now, my first red lights usually punch in when I read keywords like “transient detail” in conjunction with “lack of”.

Treaba cu review-urile de pe net e ca lumea citeshte, asculta, si zice da, dom’le, asa e, ce prost suna interfata aia, cum ar putea sa sune bine, la doar 200 de euroi, cand aialalta costa 1000?

Daca lumea ar avea o surubelnita la indemana si ar desface ambele cutii, s-ar inverzi sa vada ca gaseste aceleasi convertoare (de la … Alesis, culmea) in ambele interfete.
Evident ca lumea va gasi o “explicatie” imediat “dar depinde cum sunt facute, si celelalte piese de pe langa ele, si cum sunte ecranate ele, si cum sunt lipite, si schemele mai destepte…

Au dreptate, de aia suna manelele asa de bine si ne imbogatim noi si fratii nostri, iar ai lor moare de foame 😀

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December 3

Online training – Alan Parsons “The Art and Science of Sound Recording”

Alan Parsons
Alan Parsons(Thank you Jimmy, I hope You'll get all that money)

Mr. Alan Parsons is already history.

History as in making-history-man.

The guy happened to work on Abbey Road Studios when this place was the music technology avant-garde with all that stereo weird thingy and tape untraditional installations.

Well, don’t imagine he was THE MAN back in ’69, when the Beatles was recording their last disc (“Abbey Road”). He was some kind of assistant back then (he was probably making good coffee :P) but hey, he was there. And somehow, he got touched by the “virus” and he never got healed.

Now, back to our “Art & science of science recording” project.
At this moment there are three DVD’s available for streaming ($1.99 per chapter) or download ($ 4.99 per chapter). Not much, but… what’s inside?

Alan Parsons
Alan Parsons(Saru'mana coane Jimmy, si la noi e criza, sa stii!)

Alan Persons asta, habar nu are de nimica.

Le cara cablurile la studio si stergea acidu de pe jos dupa ce pleca Beatles, si acuma se da si el mare sunetist.

Mai si face reclama la Steinberg, BAAAA, de Pro Tools nu ai auzit ?!?

Pun pariu ca daca ii dau o manea sa o masterizeze, habar nu are cum se face.

Vai steaua lui, sa vina la noi sa invete cum se face treaba.

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December 3

Online training – “Khaliq Glover aka Khaliq-O-Vision”

If you will ever hit Mister’s Khaliq websites (eqsecretes and so on), don’t lose too much time (or money).

This guy’s “webinars” are kind of shoe selling (long) hours. All you’ll here is “you will get free from me the secret of life” and, from time to time, his friends “wassss’uuuuup” moments 🙂
This is all you’ll find out about music.

I have no idea how this guy got a Grammy, but I imagine he is preparing a very god coffee.

Daca dai de baiatul asta pe net, poate ca ai ceva mai bun de facut cu timpul tau (daca nu ai, te pot ajuta eu).

Daca totusi asisti la unul dintre “webinarele” lui, intra in direct si intreaba-l pentru ce munca mai exact a primit Grammy-ul ala si mai ales cat de mare era echipa dar nu in ultimul rand, cine prepara cafeaua 😛

November 23

Gutting Behringer ADA8000

Hi there !

I just got a brand new Behringer ADA8000 and, after a short test, I’ve decided to open the toy.

Behringer ADA8000

I’ll post here my findings as soon as they surface.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment (quick, until I’ll close the patient).

Preamplifier section: every channel is made with two A970 GR 90 low noise audio amplifier transistors. After that there are two W1G (P8) SMD transistors. I’m not so good on SMD transistor markings, but my best guess would be BC847 type transistor (general purpose transistor).
From here, the signal path is wired through an unshielded 10cm wire to the main board to 074C made bye ST (Low noise J-FET input quad operational amplifier) .

The transistor preamplifier section is a typical differential amplifier configuration, found in any operational amplifier.

Asteapa sa scriu versiunea in engleza intai.. sau citeste acolo, data te pricepi.

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November 6

Behringer Ultragain PRO-8 Digital

You know where the manual is so I’ll not reproduce that here.
Actually, this is the best manual I’ve ever seen, is only three and half pages :-))

In short, you get 8 mic/line analog inputs and 8 analog outputs. There is no internal hardware mixer, so you get all the inputs converted to ADAT and all 8 outputs converted from ADAT. You will need some optical fiber in order to play this toy 😛

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