Online training – Alan Parsons “The Art and Science of Sound Recording”


Alan Parsons
Alan Parsons(Thank you Jimmy, I hope You’ll get all that money)

Mr. Alan Parsons is already history.

History as in making-history-man.

The guy happened to work on Abbey Road Studios when this place was the music technology avant-garde with all that stereo weird thingy and tape untraditional installations.

Well, don’t imagine he was THE MAN back in ’69, when the Beatles was recording their last disc (“Abbey Road”). He was some kind of assistant back then (he was probably making good coffee :P) but hey, he was there. And somehow, he got touched by the “virus” and he never got healed.

Now, back to our “Art & science of science recording” project.
At this moment there are three DVD’s available for streaming ($1.99 per chapter) or download ($ 4.99 per chapter). Not much, but… what’s inside?

Alan Parsons
Alan Parsons(Saru’mana coane Jimmy, si la noi e criza, sa stii!)

I mean… this guy IS ALAN PARSON, he was there, in studio, with Beatles and Pink Floyd, we all want to know all his secrets, don’t we?!?
Well, after watching the first DVD last night, I must say, I was humbly feeling like I’ve escaped from a cave yesterday in the morning.
I mean, unless you did not spent your entire life in a cave, and, consequently, you did not heard any music (other than the crashing bones music :P),  nor having elementary physics classes (being in the cave, you know), you have nothing new to discover in this DVD.

Lucky Mr. Alan Parson, the second DVD starts with some good juice on EQ.
Since I’m still watching the DVD’s as you read, I’ll keep posting my impressions on the process.

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